Purple Punch- 5 Gallon


  • Concentrated Cleaner For  Vehicles (Exterior & Interior)
  • Removes Dirt, Oil, Grease, and a Variety of Soil
  • Does Not Harm Enamel, Lacquer, Chrome, Glass, or Auto Waxes & Polishes
  • Safe For Use in Hand Washing
  • Leaves a Mirro-Like Shine


Purple Punch is a super-concentrated cleaner that removes all dirt, oil, grease, and any other soil from all types of vehicles without harming enamel or lacquer finishes, chrome, glass spaces, or auto waxes and polishes. It may also be used for light to medium-duty cleaning of the inside of trucks and trailers. It is easily used for either hand washing or any type of mechanical method. Under normal conditions it will not streak and is free rinsing, therefore chamoing or wiping dry is not necessary. Purple Punch contains additives to leave a mirror-like shine on good paint surfaces.



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