Truck Bright


  • Truck Wash Concentrate for Inside and Outside of Commercial Vehicles
  • Removes Carbon Stack Stain and Magnetic Road Film
  • Performs Well in Soft Water
  • For Use in Hot or Cold Water
  • Do Not Use on Poly Sealed Paints
  • Easy Rinse


Truck Bright is one of the most popular truck wash concentrates on the market- designed to clean inside and outside over road tractor/trailers and other types of commercial vehicles.

When used as directed, it will clean painted surfaces without damage, however,  it is not recommended to use on painted surfaces protected with poly sealers. Truck Bright will remove carbon stack stain and magnetic road film from trailers without brushing. It will work in cold water or hot water and rinse free at any temperature. It is designed to perform equally well in soft water.



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